37 Self-Explorations

Join me for my next free e-course37 Self Explorations. It's my gift to you for my 37th birthday!

WHEN... April 29th to June 4th

WHERE... Emails delivered directly to your inbox each morning. Simply sign up below!

WHAT... Daily prompts to help you:

☆  Explore your layers
☆  Discover your story
☆  Find your magic
☆  Step into every shade of you
☆  Feast on your life

Here's what you'll receive...

Each weekday, you'll receive a prompt centered around the theme for the week.

Week 1 :: Your Life in Photographs
Week 2 :: The Timeline of Your Life
Week 3 :: List Your Life
Week 4 :: You & Your Values
Week 5 :: Your Dreams & Desires
Week 6 :: Telling Your Story

We'll take time on the weekends to catch our breath, do something fun, and gain inspiration from some lovely guest contributors...

Saturday Celebrations :: Prompts to inspire random acts of kindness. Because kindness is contagious. When we do good, we feel good.  

Sunday Inspirations :: Guest contributors share uplifting messages to inspire you on your journey of self-exploration.

Plus, there'll be a secret Facebook group. It's optional, but offers a safe place to land each day, to commune with like-minded spirits, and share your beautiful work. 

I've witnessed so many beautiful women going through transformation lately... 

»  She's separated or divorced and alone for the first time.
»  Leaving the security of a full-time corporate job to pursue her life's passion.
»  Recently married and about to give birth to her first child.
»  Her children have grown and moved away, leaving an empty nest.
»  She's graduating from college and unsure of what comes next.

When things change so profoundly, many of us feel like we're facing an identity crisis. Who are we now, in this new phase of life?   

Even for those of us who aren't going through a difficult transition, we continue to evolve. Who we were a year ago, six months ago, or even a few weeks ago may be vastly different than who we are today. Life is dynamic. Fluid. We change with the cycles and the seasons. Constantly in motion, even when we're standing still. 

You deserve this time to focus on yourself, your story, your dreams and desires. 

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