Places of Peace

Sun in the sky. Air crystal clear.
Slight breeze brushing my skin.
Temperatures cool, but just right
For a woman who loves sweaters and scarves.

Strolling along the beach hand in hand.
Searching for trinkets and treasures.
Edging ever closer to the water's edge.
Laughing when the waves crash, chasing our toes.

Sea glass in shades of white, blue, and green.
Round edges of driftwood, smooth to the touch.
Seashells and starfish collected in pockets.
Tiny pebbles and grains of sand filling our shoes.

The sun slowly settles behind the mountains.
A sky in hues of orange, pink, purple, and blue.
I take a deep breath and lift my hands to the sky.
Thankful for this magnificent day.

Soon the night sky twinkles with stars.
Gazing up, my breath catches. Enchanted.
Stars, clusters, meteors, and galaxies far and wide
Becoming visible only on this moonless night.

On the island, we speak of togetherness for eternity.
Here in this place, I speak my dreams, my deepest desires.
Saying them out loud, knowing they will be carried on the wind.
Out to sea and back again, making it safely to shore.

These moments become part of me, my story.
A knowing exists deep in my bones.
Joy tingles in my soul and warms my heart.
I am blessed. For this, this is my home.