2014: Year in Review

I'm feeling wistful as the year comes to a close. If it were possible, I think I'd choose to stay in the comfort of 2014 just a little longer, reveling in its many gifts. It has been a truly transformative year for me:

...a year of deeply believing in and embracing my own worthiness.

...a year of accepting and welcoming abundance into my life.

...a year of living comfortably in the grey.

...a year of realizing my own strength and resilience.

...a year of noticing and creating ease and joy in my life.

...a year of learning to live with intention.

It's also been a year of loving the people and places surrounding me, making happy memories, and savoring the gorgeousness life has to offer. A few of the highlights:

...Living in a beach cabin on Whidbey Island for a week in April.

...Spending time with my family and celebrating my brother's birthday in Texas.

...Riding ferries with my stepmom when she came to visit me in Seattle for the first time.

...Laughing and drinking beer with my sister and brother-in-law during their quick stop in Seattle.

...Lazy, hot summer afternoons spent sitting in the shade near the water, sipping iced coffee, watching the boats pass by.

...Time spent with my sweetheart, beachcombing the shores of the Salish Sea.

...Getting to know and work alongside the gorgeous and inspiring women of Hannah Marcotti's Magic Making Circle.

...Launching my blog (of course!)


And finally, because I'm a total sucker for "best of" lists at year end:

Favorite Song:  "Home" by Johnnyswim (plus a whole playlist on Spotify...)

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Favorite Book: Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

Favorite Magazine: Bella Grace

Favorite Movie: Practical Magic (because it's always my favorite...)

It feels good to end the year on such a high note, knowing I'm truly blessed and have so much to be grateful for. I'll soon be choosing a word to embody and embrace for 2015. More on this to come very soon...

Until then, I'm sending best wishes to you for a gorgeous and Happy New Year!

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