The Why Behind the Blog


For several years, I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog. Every time, a nagging voice inside my head would start up. "Who do you think you are? Who would read this? You probably won't follow through anyway. You're such a failure." This madness would go on and on until I finally tucked my desire back into a safe little pocket deep inside my soul.

Recognize this story? I'm sure you do. The context may be different, but I bet the outcome is the same. 

When you listen to those voices, you end up farther and farther away from what makes you happy. 

So what changed? Why am I here now? By dabbling in self compassion, I started challenging those voices and their tired old stories.

If I'm doing something I truly love, is failure even possible? The only person I was failing was myself and I deserve better. With this realization, the fear began to shift. I was no longer afraid to fail; I was afraid of staying stuck in the same old rut, of not moving forward, of not pursuing this dream. Once the brain chatter died down, the simple truth revealed itself:

I love to write and I deeply believe each day holds a story worth telling.

That dear friends, is why I write this blog. It's time to find my front page, to capture the magic around me and wrap it up into beautiful words. I hope to cultivate more joyful awareness in my life as I seek out stories waiting to be told, and most of all, I wish to inspire and be inspired to practice more self-love and compassion each and every day.