Winter Self-Care Series
How I got myself out of a funk
(Saturday morning blues) by Mary McConnell

I hope you're enjoying the Winter Self-Care series! This is the sixth guest post in the series, created to help us brave the cold, dark days of winter together. Warm wishes for light and love, xo Carrie

It's a rainy, stormy, and cold Saturday morning. I woke with very low energy and feeling a bit weepy, and raw, and not really sure why.

Actually, I do know why – I have been cleansing and this has allowed emotions to surface which may normally be stifled by food choices. Today I am allowing the emotions to rise and be acknowledged, let them rise like a  wave and crash to the shore.

Wanting and needing to cocoon and hide away quietly today – and choosing to honour my needs.

Today there are things that I probably should do, and things that I could do, but happily, just for today, there is nothing I absolutely ‘Have’ to do.

Today there is nobody relying on me, requiring anything, or waiting for me to show up somewhere.

Only myself.

I went back to bed, I napped.

I watched the sky and listened to the wind howling, and hurtling the clouds along.

I wondered what my best friend would suggest, and remembered my thoughts earlier this week about being my own best friend. As David Whyte reminds us so eloquently – Start Close In.

I decided to run a bath, added Epsom salts and some geranium bath oil, no reason other than I like the fragrance.

Considered silence, then looked on  my iPad for something to listen to and found Susannah Conway's Sacred Alone time play list - I had saved it to listen to 'when I had time' and the time was now.

These were exactly the sounds I needed, the music soothed me, calmed me, eased me, and flowed over and around me.

I stayed in the bath for an hour, topping up with hot water as required.

I remembered that I can use self reiki, and finger holds, and tapping, as tools to soothe myself.

I thought – I don’t have to clean the bathroom today, and I will feel better if I do.

I don’t have to make soup today, and I will feel better if I do.

I don’t have to go out for a walk today, in this biting wind, and I will feel better if I do.

I don’t have to dance today, and I will feel better if I do, and at that point some music came on that I just had to jump out and shimmy to, and that was all I needed to really feel and know I can reset my day whenever I choose.

I may nap again, because I can, but for now, I am listening to myself, being my own best friend and allowing myself all the time I need today to begin functioning again.

I have some writing I want to do, some art I want to create, some vegetables to chop and some soup to make. And suddenly Saturday feels a whole lot better.

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