Emerging:: A Seven-Day Journey to Spring

"Spring fever affects young and old alike; it spares no one and makes no distinctions, striking when happiness is least expected, when joy is only a memory, when the skies are still cloudy and snow is still piled onto the cold, hard ground."
― Alice Hoffman, The Probable Future

In my upcoming Emerging program, the first thing we'll do is reflect and give thanks for the gifts of winter. Here are a few of the things I'm truly grateful for...

Sunny winter skies
Seasonal traditions
Love letters exchanged via email
Solo weekend writer's retreat
Time near the ocean
Days spent at Seattle Center
Poetry and photography
Transformative effects of living gluten-free
Feeling awake and alive
Moments of courage
Bursts of creativity
Friends, old and new
Feelings of abundance
Community and collaboration
Faith and trust in myself

What are you grateful for as we emerge from the depths of winter? 

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The first first email goes out Saturday. I hope to see you there... and as always, thank you for being here and bringing so much light into the world! xo

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