My Photography Story

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I recently purchased a new camera. I've always enjoyed photography, but it's only recently become my favorite pastime. 

Back in the days of 35 mm film, I'd mostly take photos while I was on vacation. It was expensive to buy and process the film, and I didn't think there was much in my day-to-day existence worth capturing. Even when I purchased my first digital camera, I still mostly used it when I was on vacation or when family members came to visit. My camera certainly wasn't something I carried around with me every day. 

That all changed a few years ago when I bought my first smartphone. Suddenly, I had a camera with me everywhere I went. I could reach into my purse and grab it anytime inspiration struck, and I could share it with friends and family with a few swipes and a click. Total game changer. I stopped using my digital camera altogether. 

Then earlier this year, I decided it might behoove me to buy a more professional camera. I wanted to capture images to enhance the stories I write. 

I bought the camera in mid-February and I've rarely put it down since. As I've said before, it's become an extension of me. I carry it with me everywhere. As it turns out, photography might mean more to me than I originally thought.

It's quickly becoming something I'm passionate about, and it's my new favorite way to tell a story.

I'll be sharing more of those stories on the blog from here on out. Below are a few photos taken at Country Village, a quaint little shopping area not too far from Seattle. We spent time walking around these shops one rainy Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. Enjoy!