Nourishing Me

I've been following along with Susannah Conway's April Love series and today the photo prompt was "What Nourishes Me." It got me thinking about all the ways I'm nourishing (or not nourishing) my body. I'm eating more vegetables and drinking more water. I'm eating less gluten and drinking less caffeine. I went hiking last weekend. 

But then again, I ate two Cadbury eggs and some peanut M&Ms today. I also binge-watched Season 1 of Enlightened last night, staying up well past my bedtime and depriving myself of much-needed sleep. (Enlightened is totally fantastic and highly recommended, by the way.) 

Before I began berating myself for these little setbacks, I realized that nourishment isn't just for the body. Nourishment comes in many forms and fills us up in myriad ways. It eases our minds and satisfies our souls. It's the things we do that make us feel most like ourselves, that make our hearts sing. It's so much more than the food we eat or the ways we move our bodies.

Here are a few things nourishing me these days...

Preparing delicious meals
It's a full sensory experience. The color of red peppers or carrots. The smell of soup simmering on the stove or the citrus of a fresh orange. The feel of the vegetables hand-tossed in olive oil or the herbs on my fingers as I season my fish. And of course, the satisfying flavor of a homemade meal, prepared with loving care. Yes, it's nourishment for my body, but it's also nourishment for my soul. I must remind myself of this whenever I start grumbling about cooking myself dinner after a long day at work. 

Solo coffee dates
Lately, I've been spending at least one evening a week writing at a local coffee shop. In fact, I'm writing this blog post while sitting in Caffe Vita, slowly sipping a non-fat decaf latte.

You've probably heard the old saying, "If you wish to be a writer, write." Well, that was sort of the purpose behind these solo coffee dates to begin with. It's time away from the distractions of home and work, time to immerse myself in my writing, time to inhabit my identity as a writer and artist. Plus, it's no secret that Seattle has amazing coffeehouses. It's like having a cozy writer's nook on every corner.

Writing in my journal
I write all day at work. Emails, letters, grants, social media posts, press releases. In my free time, I write poetry, blog posts, prompts for ecourses, or articles I hope to get published. But when I lay down at night, before I go to bed, journaling is what really nourishes me. I release the day's worries, jot down ideas and to-do lists, and process whatever's on my mind. It's grounding. It helps me sleep. It unburdens my mind and unleashes my creativity. It's one nourishing practice I return to again and again.

I've always loved photography. The colors and composition. The way you can capture a moment, the essence of a person, the energy of a place. Earlier this year, I used my tax return to invest in a good quality camera (a Sony a6000). I could write an entire blog post about all the things this camera means to me. I'll spare you the back story and just say, that for me, my camera has become a symbol of abundance in my life. I never believed I'd be able to afford a beautiful camera like this, and yet, here it is... I'm just so grateful. It goes with me everywhere. It's become an extension of me. I love it. Seriously. Love, love, love it.

What's nourishing your mind, heart, body, and soul? I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at: Love. xo.