Lost Distance Dreams

I dreamt about a friend of mine recently. We were riding motorcycles in the desert.

 Photo Credit: Phillip Capper

Photo Credit: Phillip Capper

White hot sun.
Wind in our hair.
Letting loose.
Wild and free.

We drove through a dusty old Western town surrounded by mountains. It reminded me of Bisbee, just a few hours from where she lives. There was a street fair going on along a riverbank. We stopped to take a look, walking arm-in-arm down the thoroughfare.

Vendors were selling their wares in brilliant shades of magenta, purple, and gold. Cheerful music was playing, and all around us, people were having a merry old time. Most were dressed in vintage clothing. It was like an old-fashioned carnival or a scene painted by Toulouse-Lautrec.

Handlebar mustaches and derby hats.
Long bustled dresses and delicate umbrellas.
Can-can dancers and high-wheeled bicycles.

  At the Moulin Rouge La Goulue with Her Sister   by Henri de  Toulouse-Lautrec

At the Moulin Rouge La Goulue with Her Sister
by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

She and I were happy to be there together, smiling and laughing. So vividly alive.

I suppose being in the presence of someone who knows you, and loves you for exactly who you are, can have that effect on you. Make you giddy with joy.

No need to hide.
No walls to put up. 
No facades and no pretenses.  

Just openness and the free exchange of love and light.

In real life, my friend and I have never actually seen each other in person. We met online a few years ago and I've been blessed by her friendship ever since.

Still, I knew it was her in my dream. I could feel her essence and the joy she so readily shares with the world.

Our friendship is proof, that when we trust someone with our true selves, it builds a bridge spanning time and space. It doesn't matter whether you're together in person, in spirit, online, or in a dream.

She knows your heart and you know hers.
You lift each other up and hold each other tight.
Laughter and tears. Ease and comfort.
Sisterhood and soul connection.