The vastness of her shores
harbors an eternal truth.
Lingering in the space
between earth, sky, and sea.

Grains of sand
like moments in time

creating the foundation
from which we flow.

Nothing and everything
but space and time
and the sound of my heart
thrumming to the rhythm.

The thunder of her waves,
an ancient echo,
a melody so true,
whispering hush, hush, hush.

Vibrant and ever changing
as it is within ourselves.
The ebb and flow invigorating,
connected to the wilds of our hearts.

The depths of her greatness
unknown and unexplored.
Mysteries lie beneath.
Miracles await her.

Magic energy,
born of the sky,
the sun, the moon,
the stars, and the sea.  

Breathing deeply.
Fill me. Cleanse me.
Coax me. Hold me close.
Make me feel alive.

Releasing worries,
sorrows, whims, and desires.
Peace rush, rush, rushing
through my body.

At once, I am open and free.
Relaxed and renewed.
Returned to the essence
from whence I came.