Easy Like Sunday Morning

I awaken softly, gently opening my eyes as the light from the window welcomes me to a new day. He stirs beside me and I roll over to wish him good morning. We snuggle up, drifting in and out of our dreams. Soon, we feel furry feet padding around us and she begins purring, quietly reminding us it's time for her breakfast.

One more kiss and I shuffle off to the bathroom. The cat knows this is her signal to move in closer to him for some snuggles.

They wait patiently as I move around the kitchen. As the coffee brews, I put on a few extra layers of clothing and head downstairs to grab the newspaper.

The three of us sit together side-by-side on the couch. He holds his coffee with one hand and alternates between holding my hand and tenderly rubbing the cat's back. Every once in awhile, she stretches out and lets him touch her belly.

We sift through the newspaper, paying special attention to the Sunday ads and Travel pages. This week, he's enticed by a hiking trail with a suspension bridge at Mt. St. Helens. I'm enamored with a photo of La Push and begin longing for a day at the ocean, searching for sea glass. 

Our natural rhythms are restored by this weekly ritual of waking slowly, easing into our day with love, and connecting over coffee and The Seattle Times. We look forward to this sacred simplicity all week.

Ease lives here on Sunday mornings and we wouldn't have it any other way.