Words She Said

My love language has always been words of affirmation. Love and acceptance are important to everyone and for me, kind words are like balm for heart and soul.

Because of this, I readily and excitedly give compliments and words of praise or appreciation to the people around me.

To the stranger in the waiting room, I say: Wow, you smell good!
To my coworker, I reply: Thanks so much. You're a star!
To a friend, I write: Your photos are always a breath of fresh air.

Still, when I was asked to gather up a list of nice things people have said about me, I felt uncomfortable. In fact, I often feel awkward whenever I receive compliments or praise. I find myself shrugging it off, like who I am or what I do are no big deal. I deflect the words by changing the subject. I downplay my accomplishments by giving credit to others.

I've known this about myself for a long time. I've learned to say "thank you" whenever someone says something kind, but I'm still working on taking what they say to heart. Breathing in their words, holding them, letting them steep into my soul.

Like a magpie, I should be collecting each word as if it were a precious stone. Relishing it, cherishing it, and most importantly, believing every beautiful word they say about me to be true.

She said, I adore you.
She said, your love is like a beacon.
She said, let's become little old ladies together.

She said, hello good looking.
She said, you are stunning.
She said, your soul is shining.

She said, I always learn something new when I'm with you.
She said, you speak your own language.
She said, I'm so happy we're on this path together.

She said, your words resonate with me.
She said, you write with beauty.
She said, you're rockin' it babe.

She said, your dedication is inspiring.
She said, thanks for all you've done.
She said, I'm so proud of you.


Written as part of Hannah Marcotti's Community Grace program.